Resources on Giving and Receiving Feedback

A Supplement to the Brown-Bag Lunch Presentation Given at USIS

22 July 2008


Links to Web-Based Resources on Giving and Receiving Feedback
bullet How to Give Good Feedback (Fast Company, 2007)
bulletGiving, Requesting and Receiving Feedback (Teleos Leadership Institute)
bullet Giving and Receiving Feedback (MIT Teaching Note, 1998 & 2002)
bullet Guidelines for Giving Feedback (based on Hanson, 1975)
bullet Johari Window and the Psychodynamics of Leadership and Influence in Intergroup Life (David Boje, 2007)
bullet Johari Window model (from
bullet Ten Common Mistakes in Giving Feedback (2000)
bullet Subordinate Feedback Checklist (CCL, 1999)
bullet Improving Feedback to Improve Airmen (2006)
bullet Feedback about Feedback (Nickols, 1999)
bulletDifficult Conversations Study Guide (Triad Consulting)
bullet The Art of Powerful Questions (2003)
bullet How to Ask Beautiful Questions (2007)
bullet Handling Criticism with Honesty and Grace (Kare Anderson)
bullet OSU Tip Sheet on Giving Feedback
bullet OSU Tip Sheet on Receiving Feedback
bullet You want me to give what? Feedback? (2004)
bullet Giving Feedback Skill-Building Activity Worksheets (Head Start, 1998)
bulletPopular Web pages tagged with 'feedback':
bulletPopular books tagged with 'feedback': LibraryThing


Annotated Bibliography on Giving & Receiving Feedback
bullet This file (below) contains citations and summaries of articles available through the electronic research databases of Duquesne University's Gumberg Library. Online and distance learners can download the full text of these articles from home or work via the internet. Your local library may be able to assist you in obtaining any of these articles:
bullet Feedback_Bibliography (48 Kb)


Other Tools for Improving Conversations
bullet Gaining Awareness of the Left-Hand Column
bullet Using the Ladder of Inference
bullet Balancing Advocacy with Inquiry
bullet Protocols for Using the Left-Hand Column
bullet Principles for Intentional Dialogue


Recommended Books on Feedback
bulletCrucial Conversations. Kerry Patterson (2002). Available to Duquesne students and faculty as an e-book through the NetLibrary database.
bullet Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss what Matters Most. Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, Roger Fisher (2000). See also �Mom, Dad, I Want Out!� by Douglas Stone.
bullet Turning Feedback into Change: 31 Principles for Managing Personal Development Through Feedback. Joe Folkman (1996).
bullet Giving and Receiving Feedback: Building Constructive Communication (A Fifty-Minute Series Book, Paperback). Patti Hathaway (1998).
bullet What Did You Say?: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback (Hardcover). Charles N. Seashore, Edith Whitfield Seashore, Gerald M. Weinberg (1992, 2002).


Other Leadership Resources
bullet PowerPoint presentation used during the July 22, 2008 presentation for USIS in Grove City, PA (854 Kb)
bullet Links to Leadership Resources on the World Wide Web. Revised September 3, 2008. (257 Kb)
bulletA book list used by graduate students studying leadership at Duquesne University (274 Kb)
bullet Other musings on leadership, by Jim Wolford-Ulrich.
bullet Dr. Barbara Vittitoe's bio.
bullet Dr. Jim Ulrich's bio.


More About Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement (SLPA)
bulletRead about online degree programs offered to working adults:
bulletBachelors of Science in Professional Studies (download PDF - 1.2 MB)

Seven 36-credit master�s degrees are available and can each be completed in two years: (download PDF - 1.4 MB)

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Link to SLPA online application.


Call the School at 412-396-5600 or 1-800-283-3853.


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