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Single-focus initiatives are powerful approaches for bringing about specific changes with a defined scope and limited intent. They may be combined to produce even more dramatic organizational changes and to sustain them over time. For ideas on how Inflection Points will help you combine these initiatives to achieve the greatest results, click here.

Services Offered
Process Improvement 
Improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line by changing how work gets done. Using a lean process model that identifies and systematically eliminates waste, we work with change sponsors, process owners and individual contributors to achieve lasting gains. more info
Team Learning 

High performing teams are made up of people who communicate effectively, take responsibility for their team's learning, and think systemically. A certified Team Learning Lab(r) coach will impart skills taught by both W. Edwards Deming and Peter Senge. more info

Reflective Inquiry on Practice 
If you are a professional, you know how important sharpening the saw is. Using an appreciative approach, we help you identify what has worked well for you in the past and understand the contexts in which you deliver your best performance. more info
Accelerated Team Formation 
Work groups must first form, storm and norm before they become high performing teams. We work with you to design and implement a team building process when time is critical. more info
Creative Energy Shift 
When a work group comes together in a different context, members see things from a changed perspective. By using photography and improvisational games, we encourage people to collaborate in new and creative ways. more info
Key Event Planning 
Organizations often 'turn a corner' because people come together at a critical point in time and see things differently. We help you plan for and implement important meetings or multi-stakeholder events such as conferences or retreats. more info
Strategic Planning
Helping an organization become more effective depends directly on its strategic direction, focus and priorities. When those who create the strategic plan are different from those who will execute it, misalignment invariably occurs. Click here to read the Inflection Points approach to strategic planning, including a planning template that can be used to help align people's goals and objectives with the organization's strategy. more info
Redefining Competence
When the definition of 'success' changes, people need new tools to define and measure performance. Using a participative approach, we develop competency models, multi-rater or 360-degree surveys, and performance management systems. more info
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