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In today’s fast-paced work environment, sometimes it’s hard to keep one’s eye on the ball. Customer needs change, market priorities shift, new technologies bring changed work processes, or top management changes its mind. For whatever reason, employees may not be sure how to succeed in their jobs any more. 

Good management practices suggest that people need to know how their performance will be measured. And, after all, it’s workers’ performance that drives value for customers. Today more than ever, employees want to be know they are being treated objectively and fairly.

More and more organizations are adopting “competency-based” human resources practices. This means:


Selection tools identify candidates who have the capability to do the job


Training is performance-driven and its effectiveness measured by results (not “hours of training delivered”)


Performance improvement efforts (coaching, corrective action, performance reviews) are based upon underlying job competencies


Employee rewards are based both on actual results delivered and on an employee’s capacity to deliver increased results over time.

The common element in all these tools is the underlying definition of what constitutes excellent performance. With increased demands for equal treatment and fairness in employment practices, having performance-based tools that are validated is critical.
Inflection Points has the expertise to identify competency requirements and design tools to meet your specific requirements.
Example: recently a food manufacturer wanted to raise the standard for its frontline supervisors. They already had behaviorally-based job descriptions, but they wanted to use those as the foundation for a 360º multi-rater survey. The challenge was that employees who were non-native speakers of English would now be rating the supervisors. How could the instrument be made understandable to that employee population? Would supervisors believe that employees were giving them accurate feedback?
Solution: Inflection Points created a simple, easy-to-read survey that used results-based concepts, but did so at a fourth-grade reading level. The survey format was designed to look more like a colorful workbook than a “test.” And before the instrument was used, supervisors were asked to review the tool to ensure it fairly represented what was expected of them and that their employees would understand what was being asked.
Knowing what defines successful performance creates an “inflection point” – an opportunity to improve. Having a way accurately to measure performance helps the whole organization attain better results for customers while elevating its internal management practices.

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